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For the First Time Ever, the World Is Mostly Middle Class and Largely Old

When it comes to economic development, positive change is typically gradual and only noticeable over long periods of time; by contrast negative developments—economic crises—are often rapid and spectacular. This creates a biased narrative that focuses on negative news, while positive trends go unnoticed because they are less dramatic. Amid an atmosphere of deepening gloom about […]

Male-killing bacteria linked to butterfly color changes

Like many poisonous animals, the African monarch butterfly’s orange, white and black pattern warns predators that it is toxic. Warning patterns like this are usually consistent across individuals to help predators learn to avoid them. However, a recent study shows how a population of African monarch butterflies (Danaus chrysippus) breaks this rule and has highly […]

This Week’s Awesome Tech Stories From Around the Web (Through February 29)

COMPUTING Inside the Race to Build the Best Quantum Computer on EarthGideon Lichfield | MIT Technology Review “Regardless of whether you agree with Google’s position [on ‘quantum supremacy’] or IBM’s, the next goal is clear, Oliver says: to build a quantum computer that can do something useful. …The trouble is that it’s nearly impossible to […]

Study finds a classically mammalian brain region in reptilian brains

One of the many characteristics that set mammals and reptiles apart is the claustrum structure exclusive to the mammalian brain. The claustrum is a thin sheet hidden deep under the neocortex, that receives sensory feedback from all regions of the cortex. Known for facilitating functions ranging from decision-making to the consciousness, the claustrum is hypothesized […]