Monthly Archives: October 2020

This Tiny Electric Car Is Selling Like Hot Cakes in China

Though far too many sectors of the economy have suffered enormous losses during the coronavirus pandemic, a few are doing alright. One of those is car sales. It’s sort of counter-intuitive—because with everything closed, where can we even go in our cars?—but digging a bit deeper, there are some logical reasons why lots of folks […]

STAT Plus: Appeals court hands FTC a setback that invalidates its ability to claw back millions from AbbVie

A U.S. appeals court reversed a lower court ruling that required AbbVie (ABBV) and another company to disgorge $448 million in profits for filing “sham” patent litigation to keep generic versions of its blockbuster AndroGel treatment off of the market. In reviewing an anti-trust case originally brought by the Federal Trade Commission, the appeals court […]

STAT Plus: Merck’s Roger Perlmutter joins board of AI drug discovery startup Insitro

Roger Perlmutter, the head of research and development at Merck, is joining the board of Insitro, a firm focused on using artificial intelligence to discover drugs. Insitro, backed with $243 million in venture capital from firms including Casdin Capital and ARCH Venture Partners, was founded by Daphne Koller, known for co-founding Coursera, the online learning […]

Rodent ancestors combined portions of blood and venom genes to make pheromones

Experts who study animal pheromones have traced the evolutionary origins of genes that allow mice, rats and other rodents to communicate through smell. The discovery is a clear example of how new genes can evolve through the random chance of molecular tinkering and may make identifying new pheromones easier in future studies. The results represent […]

Digital Technologies Will Help Build Resilient Communities After the Coronavirus Pandemic

Amid the horrific public health and economic fallout from a fast-moving pandemic, a more positive phenomenon is playing out: Covid-19 has provided opportunities to businesses, universities, and communities to become hothouses of innovation. Around the world, digital technologies are driving high-impact interventions. Community and public health leaders are handling time-sensitive tasks and meeting pressing needs […]