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This Ultrahigh Resolution Display Could Paint Stunning VR Worlds

You can plausibly say, today’s virtual reality is a descendent of smartphones. The affordable sensors, chips, and high-resolution displays critical to rendering a decent VR experience were engineered for iPhones and Galaxys not Rifts and Vives. Early on, VR pioneer Oculus built prototypes with 1080p AMOLED displays from Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphones. But after Facebook’s […]

Beetroot peptide as potential drug candidate for treating diseases

Medical researchers isolated a peptide (small protein molecule) from beetroot. The peptide is able to inhibit a particular enzyme that is responsible for the breakdown of messenger molecules in the body. Due to its particularly stable molecular structure and pharmacological properties, the beetroot peptide may be a good candidate for development of a drug to […]

CRISPR Therapeutics Provides Business Update and Reports Third Quarter 2020 Financial Results

-Reported positive top-line results from the Company’s ongoing Phase 1 CARBON trial evaluating the safety and efficacy of CTX110™, targeting CD19+ B-cell malignancies- – Received Rare Pediatric Disease designation from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for CTX001™ for sickle cell disease

This Week’s Awesome Tech Stories From Around the Web (Through October 31)

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE AI Has Cracked a Key Mathematical Puzzle for Understanding Our WorldKaren Hao | MIT Technology Review “Partial differential equations can describe everything from planetary motion to plate tectonics, but they’re notoriously hard to solve. …[a new deep-learning technique for solving PDEs] is 1,000 times faster than traditional mathematical formulas, which would ease our […]

New screening technique turns up genes tied to microcephaly, scientists say, and could be used for other developmental disorders

Scientists in Vienna have developed a new human tissue screening technique that has identified previously unknown genes involved in causing microcephaly, a rare genetic disorder, and that could one day be used to identify unknown genes tied to other conditions.   In a study published Thursday in Science, researchers screened lab-grown human brain tissues for 172 […]

What Does a Public Health Scientist Do?

How do you introduce yourself, scientifically?  My name is Daniel Arias and I am a public health scientist specializing in health systems and health financing. I think the inclusion of ‘scientist’ after public health is valuable—our work is grounded in theory, relies on systematic observation of the world, and is conducted with methodological rigor, yet […]

Genetic analysis system yields new insights into bacterial pneumonia

A team of infectious disease researchers has developed a new method to identify virulence genes in Streptococcus pneumoniae, the leading cause of bacterial pneumonia. Using this technique in a mouse model of pneumonia, they were able to gain new insights into the progression of the disease and its interaction with the flu virus.