A tiny Florida company got more of a scarce Covid therapy than some big hospitals, raising equity questions

The Covid-19 treatments, care of the Florida Department of Health, came as a surprise: six big, mysterious boxes that showed up at Nicholas Suite’s iCare Mobile Medicine clinic near Miami on the morning of December 24. “We were wondering, what’s this? Who sent us presents? Did Santa land on the roof?” he said. “Then we opened it up and thought, ‘This is Evusheld! My goodness!’”Evusheld shipment

To some infectious disease doctors, that shipment has worrisome implications. When they looked at a government database, Suite’s tiny private company appeared to have gotten more of the federal supply of this scarce therapy than some of Florida’s major hospitals. In fact, iCare Mobile received enough for 264 courses — seemingly the highest number that the health department sent to any of the state’s provider in its first shipment of Evusheld.

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