How doulas could help prevent the harms that can happen during childbirth

When Tamiya Griffin was expecting her first child in 2014, she had what she thought was a straightforward plan: deliver at the hospital down the road, the same place her mother gave birth to her. But when Griffin, then a 22-year-old senior in college, went into labor a few weeks early, she had to undergo an emergency C-section.  “And that was not a part of my plan. We never talked about that. I didn’t even think about a C-section. I wasn’t prepared for that,” said Griffin.

When she became pregnant the second time, Griffin went back to the same practice. But this time, there was a disconnect: her providers wanted to do another C-section by default, and Griffin wanted to try to deliver vaginally. They still weren’t on the same page when she went into labor early again.

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