Diamante Scientific Red Blood Agar (RBA), Base No. 2 with 5% Sheep Blood (10-Pack). Provides Enhanced Hemolysis. Pre…

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OUR PLATES ARE PRE-POURED. DON’T WASTE TIME POURING AGAR. The plates are pre-poured, RBA (Red Blood Agar). RBA is Blood Agar Base No. 2 with 5% defibrinated Sheep Blood, used for the isolation and cultivation of a variety of fastidious microorganisms, to detect hemolytic activity.
THESE RED BLOOD AGAR PLATES HAVE A SHELF LIFE OF LONGER THAN FOUR MONTHS WHEN KEPT REFRIGERATED AND ARE MANUFACTURED IN THE USA. Our plates won’t crack or dry out. They have a thick layer of agar which promotes good growth, have been professionally packaged and vacuum sealed in a level 5 cleanroom for a longer shelf life.
THIS PACKAGING PROCESS IS PATENT PROTECTED. The shipping cost of these plates is slightly higher, but in most cases, our plates are delivered in 1-3 days to maintain the freshness and integrity of the blood.

Usually ships in 24 hours