Puraz Telomere Supplements w/Potent Astragalus Root Extract and Collagen | Superior Immune Support, Anti-Aging, DNA…

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TELOMERE SUPPLEMENT FOR HEALTHY ANTI-AGING – The Puraz Telomere Health Supplement with Astragalus Root Extract helps support the maintenance of telomere length. Longer Telomeres have been linked to health, youth and longevity and shorter telomeres to many age-related illnesses.
HELP REPAIR YOUR DNA: Cell division is the body’s way of renewing itself but as we get older the repeated cell division causes our telomeres to get shorter. When they get too short, the cells can no longer divide. The PURAZ telomere capsules will act as an insurance policy against future damage.
FEEL STRONGER & HEALTHIER: Help improve cardiovascular health, immunity, digestion and help reduce the effects of aging on your body with our potent DNA repair supplement for men and women. Simply take 2 capsules daily with water.

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