Stomach Acid Protected & Super-Absorption Cycloastragenol 99%, Made in USA, 90 caps in 3 Bottles (5mg*30caps*3bottles) Price: $99.99$335.99 (as of 27/10/2020 02:15 PST- Details)

Proudly Made in USA – Manufactured in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) & tested by 3rd Party Labs in USA – Purity, Absorption & Potency Guaranteed.
Nature’s Bliss uses expensive Vegetarian DRcaps, which are stomach acid resistant hypromellose capsules. DRcaps capsules protect sensitive Cycloastragenol from being destroyed by stomach acidity. This protection allows close to 100% of the Cycloastragenol to arrive in the intestine, where it can be absorbed.
With release properties built into the capsule, DRcaps capsules have NO added chemicals, solvents or other coating polymers. Conventional capsule-coating techniques require use of chemicals and solvents resulting in unpleasant odor, aftertaste and iritation to human digestion system. Additional, heat used in the coating process can compromise sensitive Cycloastragenol.

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