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When college athletes kill themselves, healing the team becomes the next goal

In the weeks after Stanford University soccer goalie Katie Meyer, 22, died by suicide last March, her grieving teammates were inseparable even when not training.

STAT+: Under protest, FDA to convene advisory panel to review controversial cell therapy for ALS

The Food and Drug Administration will convene a meeting of independent advisers to review a personalized cell therapy for ALS that the agency has previously refused to consider. On Monday, BrainStorm Cell Therapeutics, maker of the experimental ALS treatment called NurOwn, said the FDA had agreed to hold an advisory committee meeting. A date has […]

What is the course of functional, symptom, and quality of life outcomes 1 to 5 years after traumatic brain injury?

Researchers in the US investigated functional recovery, symptom burden, and quality of life over five years of traumatic brain injury.

Researchers isolate an IgM exhibiting ultrapotent neutralization from a Zika virus-infected pregnant woman

A recent study published in the Cell Press Journal demonstrated that plasma immunoglobulins of isotype M elicited during pregnancy have an exceptional Zika virus-neutralizing potential.

SolasCure announces final closing of GBP 10.9m (c. USD 13.3m) Series B fundraise to advance wound care innovation

SOLASCURE Ltd (SolasCure), a biotechnology company developing a hydrogel containing a recombinant enzyme derived from maggots which aims to accelerate wound debridement, has announced the completion of its GBP 10.9m (c. USD 13.3m) Series B investment round. The funding round was led by Seneca Partners and also included industry veterans, institutional venture and strategic investors, […]

Why the world’s smallest wheelchairs are going unused

DALLAS — Inside Kelly Eakin’s garage in suburban Maryland, two of the world’s smallest wheelchairs gather dust. Just a few years ago, these wheelchairs were in high demand. There was a constant waiting list of eight or nine young children with spinal muscular atrophy, or SMA, a devastating disease that could shorten life and stunt […]

Newly available test strips can detect lethal ‘tranq’ in drug supply

Public health workers will soon have a new tool at their disposal to thwart a spreading danger to users of illicit drugs: xylazine test strips. The new testing kits will allow health departments, grassroots harm-reduction groups, and individual drug users to test substances for the presence of xylazine, a sedative often referred to as “tranq.” […]